Wheatgrass Green Tea

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Features and benefits

A magical, aromatic combination of wheatgrass and green tea, Nature Alms Organics Wheatgrass Green Tea is the ultimate morning beverage you’ve been looking for all these days. A cup of tasty and fragrant wheatgrass green tea is packed with health benefits that will not only heal your body but also soothe your soul.

Wheatgrass tea benefits:

1. It is rich in antioxidants: that help fight cell damage, reduce stress and keep you lively.

2. It is packed with vitamins and minerals: including Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as 17 different types of amino acids, magnesium, iron and calcium, enzymes, and chlorophyll.

3. It lowers your blood pressure: the chlorophyll in wheatgrass increases your blood cell count and helps to normalize your blood pressure.

4. It drives toxins out: and keeps your system clean.

5. It lowers your cholesterol: and keeps you fit.

6. It energizes you from within: and keeps you going all day. When you consume wheatgrass tea, you don’t feel tired or sleepy.

7. It helps your digestion and metabolism: and helps you stay healthy.

8. It boosts your immunity: and improves your abilities to fight off illness.

Naturally, this cleansing tea is considered a super-food nowadays. Wheatgrass green tea is also beneficial for those who are struggling to manage their weight. Studies show that people who consume a cup of wheatgrass green tea in an empty stomach every morning can find it easier to shed extra weights than those who don’t.

In Nature Alms Organics, we take extra care in producing every pack of our specially formulated wheatgrass tea. We carefully select only the superior quality green tea and wheatgrass by sourcing them from the top organic farms. We also take special care so that the goodness of wheatgrass and green tea remains intact throughout the manufacturing process.

When you choose Nature Alms Organics Wheatgrass Green Tea, you choose health. Consuming a cup of wheatgrass green tea is the best way to start your day!

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