Guggul Tablets

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Features and benefits

Everybody needs a little detox from time to time, even if they don’t realize it and this product is a great way to get the rejuvenation that your body is crying out for. You can lose weight in a healthy way by incorporating guggul tabs into your life and you will also have a better immune system and glowing skin that instantly makes you look/feel happier. Some other benefits that are promised include blood purification, healthy cholesterol levels, healthy joints, a great immune system and even a regular and comfortable menstrual cycle.

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Each tablet of 950mg Contains processed extracts obtained from:
Ogni compressa di 950mg contiene estratti transformati ottenuti da:

  • Commiphora mukul Extract
  • Commiphora mukul Powder
  • Gum acacia (Inert Binder)


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