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Features and benefits

Concerned about your gut health? Nature Alms Organics Livo Smiling capsules is your liver’s best friend. When you want to improve your liver and gut condition naturally and healthily, a good quality liver tonic like Livo Smilin Capsules is the best way to go.

Liver tonics benefit our health in multiple ways and heal many chronic and painful illnesses that are linked to our liver. Let’s take a look:

1. Due to the rise in obesity, the fatty liver diagnosis of Indians has jumped to an alarming 10 million cases per year! Livo Smilin Liver Tonic capsules are helpful for fatty liver care. Combined with a proper diet, they can greatly improve your liver condition and keep your liver healthy.

2. Livo Smilin capsules contain silymarin. This magic compound not only reduces inflammation of the liver but also protects the liver as an antioxidant. It is the main reason why these liver capsules act as liver cleansers. It helps us combat the unhealthy compounds that enter our body from the environment.

3. Livo Smilin liver capsules contain iron, folic acid, and very vital vitamin B12, along with many other helpful ingredients. Iron and folic acid are necessary compounds for preventing anaemia and other blood-related health problems.

4. Livo Smilin Liver Tonic is also a good source of multivitamins. With our regular diet, we often tend to skip out on some essentials nutrients. But a good liver tonic containing added minerals and multivitamins makes up for it all! It provides us with a good amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin B complex. It is also rich in minerals like iron, chromium, zinc, and copper.

5. Livo Smilin liver tonic is also a good source of proteins. With regular consumption, it increases stamina and physical strength.

If you are suffering from liver-related problems, and complications like indigestion, constipation, stomach ache etc, a liver tonic like Nature Alms Organics Livo Smilin Capsules is what you need. With regular intake along with a proper and healthy diet, it will improve your health in no time!

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Each Capsule of 500mg Contains processed extracts obtained form:
Ogni compressa di 500mg contiene estratti transformati ottenuti da:

  • Boerhaavia biffusa
  • Solanun nigrum
  • Andrographis paniculata
  • Achyranthes aspera
  • Amorphophallus campanulatus
  • Tecomella undulata
  • Tamarix gallica


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