Fenugreek Capsules

Lower your blood sugar levels, naturally

  • Star Ingredient: Fenugreek (मेथी)
  • A perfect & natural way to control Diabetes
  • Can help stimulate breast milk production and ease the flow
  • Help in controlling urinary tract infections
  • Eases back pain
  • Reduces general tiredness and fatigue
  • Known to decrease cholesterol levels
  • Each bottle contains 60 Capsules






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Best for Age: 18+ and above

Formulation: Pure Ayurvedic

Health concern:


Our Fenugreek capsules lower your blood sugar level, naturally! It is one of the best products in our Diabetic Care products category.

Fenugreek is one of the oldest medicinal plants with an exceptional medicinal and nutritional profile. Fenugreek belongs to the Fabaceae family; it was named, Trigonella foenum- graecum, from the Latin language that means “little triangle” due to its yellowish-white triangular flowers (Flammang et al., 2004).

It is named Methi (Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Marathi)

Methi, also known as fenugreek seed or methi seeds, has been used for centuries to maintain digestive health and promote gastrointestinal wellness.

The constituents present in the plant’s extracts help regulate blood sugar levels and support urinary tract function by vitiating Vata dosha erythrocytes (blood cells) which can reduce anaemia without affecting haemoglobin production.

Fenugreek green leaves are one of the most ancient medicinal herbs containing β-carotene (19 mg/100 g), ascorbate (220 mg/100 g), fibre, iron, calcium and zinc even more than the regular food items (Source: NCBI)

Fenugreek is a plant with leaves that taste like maple syrup, and it’s been used as a herbal medicine for thousands of years. Fenugreek has many health benefits, including lowering cholesterol levels and blood sugar.

Benefits of Fenugreek Capsules:

  1. These capsules use fenugreek, a powerful herb, that helps to reduce blood sugar levels. This effect can be attributed to the presence of steroidal saponins and alkaloids in fenugreek.
  2. Methi seeds are used in cooking, but they also have medicinal properties which help with digestion and lowering blood sugar levels.
  3. They are also useful in promoting metabolism in a natural and holistic way.
  4. They reduce menstrual discomfort and boosts testosterone in your body.
  5. Fenugreek Capsules have soluble fibres that promote weight loss since it expands the digestive tract.
  6. As they control your appetite and you feel more full, there will be a low intake of food & fats.
  7. It also helps to boost metabolism and increase breast milk production in nursing mothers.


Each Capsule of 500mg Contains processed extracts obtained form:
Ogni compressa di 500mg contiene estratti transformati ottenuti da:

Trigonella foennum-graecum Extract – 400mg
Trigonella foennum-graecum – 100mg

Additional reading source:MedicalNewsToday


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